24/7 Emergency Flood Services

Water & Flood Damage Restoration

Our fast response time reduces the potential for mold growth by drying the structure quickly. This is safer, healthier and minimizes the replacement of costly structural repairs.

Water damage in the laundry room in the basement with mold on the damp walls (3d rendering)

Safety And Peace Of Mind In Your Home Or Business

When you call FSR, our experts will help ensure not only the safety of your living environment, but also your peace of mind. Our team provides 24/7 residential and commercial fire, mold, and flood restoration services in the Downriver + Metro Detroit communities.

Residential & Commercial

Water & Flood Damage

modern interior with stair under the water(3D)

Restoration Process

Four Principles Of High-Speed Structural Drying

Physical Removal Of Water (Extraction)

Removal of water in the liquid state is 500 times more efficient than evaporation.

Air Flow (Evaporation)

After as much water as possible has been removed physically, the remaining water must be evaporated using high-velocity air. Over the last few years, new types of air movers have been introduced that provide much higher air movement at lower amperage and are specifically designed for high-speed structural drying.

Dehumidification (Balanced Evaporation)

Dehumidifiers are used to balance evaporation. In other words, the moisture being put into the air from the air movers has to be taken out of the air, or secondary damage will occur. Without dehumidifiers, hygroscopic materials would absorb moisture out of the air and become damaged, drying would be delayed, and mold growth could occur. By utilizing the new low refrigerant dehumidifiers, we can remove much more moisture from the affected area than ever before.

Temperatures (Control)

Maintaining proper temperature is critical in drying a structure quickly. Warm air holds more moisture than cool air; therefore, warm air will increase the rate of evaporation. Keeping the temperature of the affected area between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit for the first 36-48 hours can assist drying enormously. Drying chambers can be used to contain the warmer temperatures to the affected areas.

Family Protection. Mom And Dad Making Roof Of Hands Above Their Daughter.

Benefits of Our Services

Insurance Agents / Adjusters

We provide an immediate response to your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can dispatch a disaster team immediately after your call. We have state-of-the-art truck-mounted water extraction equipment and a large inventory of structural drying and fire mitigation equipment. Our staff is experienced and are IICRC certified technicians.

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