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Water Removal and Water Extraction Flat Rock MI

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Water Removal and Water Extraction Near Flat Rock Michigan

Michigan has plenty of water. And if you live near Flat Rock Michigan water extraction and water removal can be a fact of life during the flood seasons.

In fact, living in Michigan means you are never further than 10 miles from a source of water. And while that is a great thing in terms of healthy access to plenty of fresh water, there are times we all know about here in Michigan where our plentiful water creates problems.

What problems?

Simple, sometimes you need water extraction and water removal. We get too much water near Flat Rock Michigan sometimes. And when that happens you need to be aware of the health issues around water removal and water extraction.

Downriver Professional Water Removal and Water Extraction: Father and Son Restoration

Water removal and water extraction from your home is a dangerous business. Be aware, when there is standing water in your home from a flood or sewer backup it is most likely contaminated with toxigenic mold and raw sewage.

So dangerous that the CDC issues guidance on flood water pathogens. According to the CDC, standing water may contain bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and helminths. These waterborne pathogens create health problems ranging from mild gastritis to seriously fatal infections like dysentery and infectious hepatitis.

Water removal and extraction is a dangerous job best left to trained professionals. Near Flat Rock Michigan, your best water removal and water extraction professionals are Father and Son Restoration.

Fast Water Removal from Your Home or Business

From the moment water seeps or creeps into your living or work environment, the clock starts ticking. What is at stake during that time is what damage water is doing to your property. It is not just the immediate, seeable damage from water. But also, the continuing growth of mold and other bio-hazard toxins because of the water.

We know that once water enters a living space it will penetrate surfaces and remain there until it is either remediated or grows a colony of mold. Also, if left alone, standing water will ruin the structural integrity of walls, floors, and other critical support structures. What this means in the long run is costly damage.

Minimize Water Damage with Prompt Water Removal and Water Extraction

When you find water where it is not supposed to be, quick and effective action is required. The good news is you are just a phone call away from the help you need.

We are one of the leading water removal and water extraction companies near Flat Rock Michigan. When you call Father and Son restoration you get prompt, courteous, professional service. We take great pride in serving our community. It is important that you know when you are faced with the trauma of water damage, we are standing by to help you recover quickly.

When you find yourself facing sloshing, dirty water, be sure to call Father and Son Restoration to remove that water. We know how important your home or business is to you, and we want to get you back to 100 percent as quickly as possible.

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